Modern Warriors - Turn your kids around in just 8 weeks

Turn your kids around in just 8 weeks

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In just 8 weeks, your child will learn ALL the skills they need to develop resilience and self confidence. Modern Warriors programs give children & young people the tools they really need to be happy and safe, always.

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Modern Warriors Jujitsu Classes in Sydney

LOOKING for a way to do Modern Warrior programs face to face?

All our Jujitsu Programs are based in the Hometown of the Modern Warriors Programs, in beautiful Sydney, Australia.

If you leave your mobile number and email address I will contact you directly to discuss anything you might want to know about my regular jujitsu programs for young people.

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Jujitsu classes in Sydney Modern Warriors

Hoshin isn’t your “average” kind of martial art. We “treat each other with extra kindness”… respect and friendship are highest on our list of priorities. Much emphasis is placed on the moral side of martial arts. Without a reason behind what we are studying, martial arts is just mindless violence. We run some of the best children’s martial arts programs in the country, with attention to manners, good sportsmanship, responsibility, self esteem and trustworthiness.


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